Aims & Objective

By , September 11, 2009 4:17 am
  1. The society will have no concern with any of the Political Parties nor have any political aim of any type. The present society purely a Welfare Society.
  2. The Society shall prepare its member to be social for services to the humanity, through Seminar. Camps/ Meetings.
  3. The Society will prepare its members to eliminate illiteracy, unemployment, pollution, begging and intoxications from the society.
  4. The Society shall arrange free marriages for weaker sections and motivate rural masses for marriages without dowry and honour such couples.
  5. The Society will work for the uplift of weaker sections through implementations of Govt. Schemes.
  6. The Society will provide and distribute articles of daily use and cites need of life, such as food, clothes, books, medicine etc. to the victims of natural calamities, such as disaster, fire, flood, earthquake, war etc.
  7. To help all needy persons of all communities for the welfare purposes.
  8. The Society shall take activities of removal of female Foeticide and crate awareness against addiction.
  9. The Society shall provide Scholarship to the poor students on merit come means basis.
  10. The Society shall create social welfare in the Public.
  11. Any other welfare programme or activities can be accepted by the approval of the president of the Society.
  12. Area of operation of the Society is Whole of Punjab.

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